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CU3ER™ is 3D jQuery Image Slider, EASY to set up, fully CUSTOMIZABLE, TAILORED to provide a UNIQUE look & feel, INSPIRING and FUN-to-USE. Play with CU3ER! Its 3D magic is awesome.

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CU3ER Feature - 3D World

3D World

Step away from common, boring & flat 2D experience and dive into endless possibilities of adding the third dimension to your slideshow. Superb slick 3D transition effects are perfect attention grabbers but if needed, you can deploy convenient and eye-catchy 2D transitions as well. You will love it and your visitors will love it even more.

Wordpress & Joomla integration

Easy CU3ER integration into WordPress & Joomla powered websites while offering lots of advanced CU3ER content editing & managing features. With simple embedding option and easy content management through familiar WordPress & Joomla user interface you get full control over whole CU3ER content, slides & transitions.
CU3ER Feature - Wordpress and Joomla plugins

CU3ER Feature - Works on all devices

Works beautifully on all devices

Thanks to the Flash and Javascript versions your visitors can enjoy great looking slideshows on PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android and other phones and tablet devices. You do not have to worry, CU3ER displays the best possible version to your visitors automatically.

Outstanding support

We love our clients, and we do help them a lot. Dedicated support helps you create, install and modify your sliders. Some of you said : "I am impressed with your response time!", "Excellent support for a nice product", "Thanks again for your stellar support. You can be sure you have a lifetime customer!"...
CU3ER Feature - Support


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