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Earn money

If you have a high traffic website or a blog you should become our official affiliate reseller.

Start earning money today!

We give you an astonishing 25% of every sale that is initiated from your site.

To become official reseller you need to register for CU3ER affiliate program at our payment gateway website AVANGATE. Once we approve your website you will be notified and recieve a link that you should use to earn money from CU3ER sales.


Earn licenses

If you are not an owner of high traffic website you can opt-in for earning licenses. This is ideal for freelancers and small web agencies.

Use our banners and referral links to earn CU3ER PRO licenses.

On every 3 purchases of CU3ER PRO license using your referral link you will get 1 CU3ER PRO license added to your account for free.         


Both affiliate types can use our banners and media kit to advertise CU3ER.
Media kit includes banners and example page to be used as a CU3ER promotional web page or a blog post. download banners + media kit