cu3er manager

"Forget about XML - work like a PRO!"

Introducing great new features in v1 release, CU3ER offers a wide range of options and customization, which can become overwhelming at some point, as we understand. Fortunately, cManager is all about speeding development process, allowing more time to play & enjoy, at the same time encouraging you to experiment and engaging your creativity to the maximum in the quest for perfect 3D slideshow.


Forget about tedious learning CU3ER XML nodes and attributes. cManager allows you to visually edit and customize all CU3ER properties without dealing with a single line of XML code.


cManager is easy and intuitive, comfortable to work with and it's coming with compressive documentation getting you started even faster.


When time is precious and client is breathing on your neck, sorting things fast is essential. cManager will play the main role here. With fast learning curve, you will be able to create amazing slideshow within minutes.



Play with camera like you would do in common 3D application. Setting the best 3D camera angle has never been easier. Move and scale selected elements to make quickly adjustments.

Realtime editing

Almost all changes happen in realtime, which will allow you to instantly view results of your settings - no more guessing through trials and errors.


Visual representation of slides and transitions arranged by appearance order - timeline, allows easy slide & transition editing & drag'n'drop arrangement. You are always on track with better perspective on overall animation flow.


Image library

Upload your images to image library and deploy them on desired slides at any time. Images are shared through CU3ER projects across the same assigned domain, enabling you to test and deploy any of them at any time.


You can preview complete CU3ER at any time, at any stage of development without leaving cManager at all. A convenient option for a quick review of your project progress and spotting possible areas for improvements.


Once you are satisfied with your masterpiece, export CU3ER package with all relevant files included in it. CU3ER embedding code is provided with sample page, copy/paste it to your actual page and you are ready to go.



CU3ER offer a wide range of customizability and options specially designed to blend it seamlessly to every web page.

3D world

Improve general look & feel of your slideshow by adding special 3D touch. You will love it, you visitors will love it even more.

Slides & transitions

No doubt, transitions are the core feature of the CU3ER. Superb slick 3D transition effects are perfect attention grabbers.


Create and manage your CU3ER like a PRO with cManager - awesome, robust yet easy to use online application.

wpCU3ER + jCU3ER

Slick WordPress plugin and Joomla component designed to provide easy CU3ER integration & management on WP and Joomla powered websites.


We have provided you extensive control panel for creating, modify and managing CU3ER projects across assigned domains.

UI & indicators

Provide better user experience to CU3ER viewers deploying various user interface & indicator elements.


It's a great way to sync or communicate with CU3ER with rest of your page elements with easy and simple functions.


Either trough available documentation, forums or support tickets you will always be able to get help or advice.
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