If you get stack with something, want advice or looking for particular solution for your CU3ER problem, we have enabled you a couple of support channels you can use in order to solve your CU3ER problem.


Extensive documentation is provided for your convenience as an official guide through CU3ER and cManager features and settings, available options and common issues you may face with.


Our support forums are a perfect way to get help from other CU3ER users or to share your knowledge by helping someone else.


Our dedicated support team is here to help you during regular business hours.

Please note that support tickets are available to PRO account holders only!



CU3ER offer a wide range of customizability and options specially designed to blend it seamlessly to every web page.

3D world

Improve general look & feel of your slideshow by adding special 3D touch. You will love it, you visitors will love it even more.

Slides & transitions

No doubt, transitions are the core feature of the CU3ER. Superb slick 3D transition effects are perfect attention grabbers.


Create and manage your CU3ER like a PRO with cManager - awesome, robust yet easy to use online application.

wpCU3ER + jCU3ER

Slick WordPress plugin and Joomla component designed to provide easy CU3ER integration & management on WP and Joomla powered websites.


We have provided you extensive control panel for creating, modify and managing CU3ER projects across assigned domains.

UI & indicators

Provide better user experience to CU3ER viewers deploying various user interface & indicator elements.


It's a great way to sync or communicate with CU3ER with rest of your page elements with easy and simple functions.


Either trough available documentation, forums or support tickets you will always be able to get help or advice.
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