You are now seeing CU3ER Javascript (detecting version...) for demonstration purposes.

If you do not see content of CU3ER slider here try to enable JavaScript and reload the page


We are very dedicated to keep CU3ER on the high end of the web. Our latest update for Javascript 3D version brings just that, depth for slices in a transition. This makes JS version very close to Flash. We are happy to bring them closer, more updates coming soon!

Flat transition becomes 3D

You can enable CU3ER to display this 3D Javascript version first and then Flash. To display Javascript 3D version your visitors need to have compatible browsers : Chrome, Safari, Firefox 10+, iOS devices...
You should set display_js3d_first : true in your embedding options, more info at embedding vars article

CU3ER Javascript version is available to PRO users only. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Not a PRO yet?

CU3ER Javascript version is available to PRO users only. You can upgrade to PRO using special offers below, or if you are a PRO you can take advantage of the discounts!

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