Licensed domain


Bind your CU3ER license to a domain and get CU3ER PRO features unlocked for your website including branding removal from slideshows.
CU3ER PRO license is not time limited, and gets you CU3ER v1 PRO and all v1.x updates for free.

Staging domain


This testing license will be valid for 30 days since the day you've assigned it, making it ideal for deploying to testing server and showing CU3ER slider to clients in full power.

Unbranded slidesX

Remove branding from your slides as a PRO user and make your website more professional and appealing to clients and visitors happy.

Custom Image preloaderX

Custom Image preloader can be used in conjunction with your own company logo or any other graphic in order to set custom slider preloading animation.

Display CU3ER on non-Flash devices like iPadX

CU3ER Javascript version looks amazing on iPad and iPhone making your website more attractive to clients and visitors. They will just love how it works.

Transparent SlidesX

Use transparent images as a slide source to create sliders that look magical. It will take you steps ahead of your competition.

Direct customer support via ticketsX

Our dedicated support team resolves issues with blazing speed, making your web development uninterrupted. Based on feedback, our PRO users really like this feature.

Number of projects (per license)X

With CU3ER account you are able to create different slideshows and save them as projects. Having possibility of multiple projects gives you advantage of keeping and accessing different looking slideshows from your account. They are also convenient for versioning and experimenting with different settings

Reserved space for uploads (per license)X

Reserved space for images and other files you can upload and use for creating sliders..

WordPress PluginX

wpCU3ER is a WordPress plugin designed to provide easy CU3ER integration into WordPress powered websites with lots of advanced CU3ER content editing & managing features.

Video tutorialsX

Learn fast with our video tutorials covering everything from creating account and first project to setting any options of your slider.

Documentation & Support Forums X

Read and search through documentation pages to learn more about CU3ER or ask questions and help others at our support forums with different sections for CU3ER player, cManager and plugins.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.
If you are interested in using CU3ER in templates or large volume discounts (up to 90%) contact our Sales team..

Frequently asked questions

What is CU3ER account and how it works?

CU3ER account is place where all info regarding to your CU3ER licenses is stored. You are able to create and manage CU3ER projects, manage CU3ER licenses and have access to other CU3ER goodies (plugins & scripts). For more info about working with CU3ER account please check related documentation - CU3ER account

Why I need CU3ER license?

In order to use and download CU3ER 3D image slider you will need either PRO or LITE license. Your licenses will be listed in your account and you will be able to create CU3ER projects for every license you have obtained.

What is the main difference between PRO & LITE license?

With PRO license you are able to remove CU3ER branding, create up to 50 projects per license & receive official support. Also, you have more storage space available for your projects and provided option to set custom preloader.

What represents the number of projects and storage amount?

With CU3ER account you are able to create different slideshows and save them as projects inside your CU3ER account. While CU3ER Lite account give you option of creating only one project, CU3ER PRO license gives you an option to have 50 projects per license. Having possibility of multiple projects gives you advantage of keeping and accessing different looking slideshows from your account. Amount of storage is reserved space for images you can upload and use for the slides.

Is CU3ER PRO fee one time fee?

Yes. There are no monthly or additional fees whatsoever. Once you purchase PRO license you can use CU3ER v1.x on licensed domain for lifetime.

Can I get refund?

No. We are not offering refund since you are able to try & use our product free of charge as long as you behave according to CU3ER LITE license agreement. Once you decide to upgrade and purchase PRO license we understand that you are familiar with our product and CU3ER suits your best needs.

Can I use CU3ER on multiple websites with single license?

With CU3ER PRO license you are granted to use CU3ER on single website of your choice. PRO license will be locked to one domain and you will be able to take advantage of PRO license like removing CU3ER brand for specified domain.

Can I use CU3ER on commercial website?

Yes. Either with PRO or LITE license you are granted to use CU3ER on commercial or personal website.

I want to try CU3ER before purchase. Can I?

Yes. Just signup for CU3ER LITE license and you will be able to create and deploy CU3ER

Can I remove CU3ER brand with LITE license?

No. Brand removing is available to CU3ER PRO license owners only. Not only PRO users can remove CU3ER brand but also custom preloader can be deployed.

If I upgrade to PRO, is my project transferred to PRO?

Yes. Upgrading from LITE to PRO is seamless action. All your images and created project will be retained and available in your PRO license.

What happened with previous CU3ER FREE license?

CU3ER FREE license is obsolete and it's not available any more. We have introduced CU3ER LITE license as replacement offering more features and benefits free of charge. All "FREE" users are automatically upgraded to LITE. Visit CU3ER LITE page for more info.

Payment options

Where Do I Pay You?

Just click on "Order Now" button on this page and you will be taken to payment page - enter required payment details and your order will be processed.

Once your order is confirmed (usually within couple of minutes) your purchased licenses will be added to your account.