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CU3ER becomes fully Responsive!

Your favorite 3D Image Slider is ready for WordPress & Joomla Responsive themes and other Responsive frameworks!
This page is not responsive, but we've prepared 3 examples with popular Responsive frameworks.

more info on Twitter Bootstrap framework...

more info on Foundation framework...

more info on Golden Grid framework...
Thanks for supporting CU3ER! Enjoy Responsive update and other great CU3ER features!

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Is Responsive update only for PRO users?
We do plan to improve Lite users features, but YES, currently Responsive update works only for CU3ER Pro users. You can become PRO at Pricing page, or by logging into your account and visiting Purchase offers.

What should I do to have Responsive CU3ER on my page?
There are no extra steps for your CU3ER to be Responsive. Just create it and embedd it into your page as you did with previous sliders. If you have problem with CU3ER resizing in Responsive design contact our support.

How should I update sliders I already have on my web page?

1) If you are using WordPress wpCU3ER plugin?
Please update to the latest version of wpCU3ER, and then update all the files plugin reports that needs to be updated from wpCU3ER Setup page.

2) If you are using Joomla jCU3ER extension?
Please update to the latest version of jCU3ER, and then update all the files extension reports that needs to be updated from jCU3ER Setup page.

1) If you have embedded CU3ER on web server without WP or Joomla CMS?
Please re-export your project from your account and replace js folder and CU3ER.swf file, you can basically overwrite all files on your server using new ones from exported ZIP file.

Which browsers are supported?
CU3ER Responsive update should work in all major browsers. We've tested it in latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, mobile device native browsers and Internet Explorer.
One confirmed problem is with Internet Explorer versions before IE9 (IE8, IE7, IE6). The issue comes from the browser bug where scaling images and making them transparent is causing black regions instead of transparency. However this should not affect viewers, since Internet Exporer 8 and lower is not used on mobile devices and slider won't usually be scaled in IE on desktop computers. When scaling is not applied, slider will be displayed correctly in IE8 and lower, without any problem at all.